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Level Rough

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Hard difficulty and Boss type enemies concept art

Following the descriptions from the upgraded GDD, here are some quick concept doodles for one hard type enemy, and two concepts for possible boss level enemies.  

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More Vacuum Concepts

Hey guys, here are some more vacuum concepts for Max. I tried to lean them toword #8 in the previous concepts which is what Ash asked for. Let me know what you think guys. Ash, let me know which one

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Level 01 Boss Concept: Cacophony

I didn’t see a boss concept done yet so I made one. I wanted to make a screeching owl type infected enemy that drips and oozes the nightmares. I’ll explain the whole flow of battle as I see it. First

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Art Asset Assignments for Milestone 1

Currently we are only working on assets for level 1, the Bedroom level We need concepts for the hard and boss enemies This is being assigned to John since Matt is already working on low poly block outs for the

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The next step?

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Starting some sketches for environment elements – forest scene

A full blown level/environment concept is almost done, but for now, we can add this into the props category. From the concept spreadsheet put up this weekend, it is decided that we have a plan for a forest level. Here’s

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Art Dump 2/22/2012

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Max’s nightmare Selection prototype

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