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Dresser prop

Hey guys, been a bit busy and have not gotten as much work as I’ve wanted to, but I got one of our first props in so we can start replacing those blocks for the level. It’s just a simple

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There is a unity package sale going on right now guys. check it out!

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My Current Test Build

webplayer321 Control Programing Needs jump speed needs to be derived from players current run speed, not a set speed. player speed needs to ramp up after running for a specific period player speed should slow down gradually before being able

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Here’s my progress so far on the bed. At this point it’s at 1152 polygons, but I still have five more figures to model. Depending on the view we have the bed set at I can cut a lot of

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Rig start

Hey guys, just a simple start at rigging. Will try to do some basic animation and try see how it goes with Unity, assuming there’s enough downtime today at work for me. The other game model asset Chuckles is being

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Here is my concept for Max’s bed/fortress. The headboard is built from those faux stone panels and blocks that people use in their gardens and interiors so Max doesn’t crack his skull while jumping on his bed like the disobedient

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Art Asset Guide and File Structure Chart Here’s the art asset guide and a sketch of the file structure.

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To do List: 3/20/12

Here is the To Do list for next Wednesday. Let me know if you have any questions. I will update the milestone list as well. Ashleigh Update GDD re: What is the goal/main gameplay of Max’s nightmare? Define Gui for

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More playtime with the Unity-stand in (Blinky stand-in)

John and I started to play around with the toon-shader, and some other effects we can apply to the models. These are all just stand-ins, mind you, so none is final, but it gives possible ideas of where we want

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Enemy Blinky stand-in

 Guys , Check  it out! John added the first stand-in of an enemy to the game.  Looking at this, do we need to actually have normal maps? would they add anything to the look of the baddies at this concept/block in stage?

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