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Meeting Agenda: 5/29/12

Meeting Agenda: Aim: To Check in/Asses progress and Assign work ahead of deadline This meeting agenda is really simple. I want everyone to take a look at the ‘To do’ list that I put up for you all last weekend.

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Cool Article on Progress: Read it! 10 Ways to Deal with Perfectionistic Roadblockers

Hey, I know i’m kinda big on pep talks, this one seems applicable for what we’re currently working on.   A Leadership Freak reader asked, “How do you deal with others who expend energy stopping people from reaching their goals?” The context

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What follows is a list of what we need to make a complete level/demo. This is my first pass, if I missed anything, I’ll be sure to add it in. Just let me know. Chris: pause code- Code should stop

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Pax 10 and Unity Awards 2012

Guys and gals, I found us two contests to enter. The first is the penny arcade expo 10 Showcase, the other are the Unity3d Awards. Both have a deadline of 6/15. Despite the relative turnaround needed, I believe that we

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Meeting Recap 5/23

Hey everybody here’s what we discussed last night. If you have any questions, please let me know. We’re close, Max is modeled and textured, the level pieces are starting to get textured. We’re close, let’s keep up the recent momentum

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Meeting Agenda for 5/23

Objective: To update on progress Chris & Marvin: Programming Latest Ash: Update on Max Zev: Animation Update Matt: Update on prop textures John: Level 1 Concepting Update on level blocking: Ash/Marvin (Claire can’t make it)

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Environment/level layout (roughing it)

Hey guys, before I start roughing out the quick painting of the environments, I laid out each segment of the level with the already modeled modular assets and matched them with the height and width of the previous stand-in blocks.

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The Prince of UV Space

Citizens of Earth, I’ve been spending the past few days preparing for a computer to laptop transfer and UVing/optimizing the modular bits of our levels. By making efficient use of UV space through mirroring and stacking I’ve managed to create

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Regarding Animation

Just a quick note about animation. I did some tests with complex rig setups (i.e. ik chains, both RP and spline, constraints out the ass, ik/fk splits, deformation and control rig combos, and some dynamic effects) on primitives and the

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Recap of Meeting and Todo List 5/16

Discussed the scope down… Needs more consideration, but the goal is a complete game vertical slice that is fully polished. Areas to cut, levels 4-6. Continue giving each other feedback on modeling To do Ash – Continue Modeling Max Matt-

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