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Unity Animation Events

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Project update and Todo List

There’s a big weekend coming up. Here’s a look at our outstanding tasks: Programming: Animation: Pajama Max replaces stand in player in prefab Animation: Lumpy animations set up in code Animation: Blinky Animation set up in code Animation: Chuckles Animations

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Chuckles Animation

The animated Chuckles is in the dropbox now under the Max Raw Art/Characters/Characters/Enemies file. Make sure to grab the fbx and Chuckles_C.tga. Everything looks fine in Unity on my end. As always the timeline is in a separate text file.

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Animacion! (Animation)

Both Maxes (costumed and normal) are now in the Dropbox “Max Raw Art” folder. I’m gonna take a crack at replacing the ball character with the final Max. Exciting stuff! Happy to see this coming together.

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Dragon Max Rig

I don’t know why I was making this so complicated, I was able to rig the costume up to Matt’s original rig and I added tail animation in there. So that’s in the Max Animated Folder with it’s textures. By

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Need Confirmation

Apparently my notes are different depending on who they’re recorded from, so I need to make sure of something: Is Chuckles a mobile boss, or a giant stationary boss? My personal opinion is that he should be stationary like a

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The FINAL CountDown!

Level Design: Claire: Add Fans to level Add Textured Bed model to level Animation   Zev: Finish Animating Costume Max – Completed   Zev: Finish Animating Chuckles GUI Art:   Ash: Finish End game story panel    - Completed Ash:

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Story Panel

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Menu design

Here’s the menu design for the game start screen. If you guys like this, I can use this as a basis for the end credits as well. Nothing too fancy here. I kept the font a bit childish because Max

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Blinky Uploaded/Chuckles Rigged

All right I finally got my internet back. Blinky has been uploaded along with a list of his animation frames. Chuckles is rigged and I’ve started his animations as well. I gotta say, John you’re killing me with the poses

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