About The Team

We Got Game

We love games so much, its in our name. We are hardcore gamers with lives. We need games that cater to us. Casual games are great, but they aren’t quite deep enough. At Bonus Stage Games we, are out to create a new player demographic: The mid-core. That’s not some type of chip tunes band. Our games are designed to be played in sessions of 2-5 Minutes. We want to make hardcore games for those with only casual time on their hands.  This is why we set out to create Bonus Stage Games. 


Games you Can Actually Finish

Our games don’t take 80 hours to complete. Our games are engaging experiences that won’t take a lifetime to finish. We’re out to give you a quick snack, to compliment your gaming life. Bonus Stage Games are developed to be expandable. That means that you get frequent updates without paying extra. Think of it as an awesome gift that keeps on giving.

Behind the Scenes Of Game Making

At Bonus Stage, we’re all about transparency. We want our fans to follow along as we build our first few games. There will be plenty of updates for those that want to take a peek behind the curtain of game development. We’re passionate about what we do, and we want to share it with the world. Expect plenty of videos and photo updates.