All Bout Scale!

I’m currently working on an overhaul scaling to the level to match with Unity Design Standards!

This should help tons with building and importing into unity.

There is a folder in Drop Box that everyone should grab. It is Called Maya To Unity Size Ratio.
In it you will find a Maya Scene File that Contains some helpful references.  A Max Model at roughly 4 ft high, cubes at 1ft size and cubes at 1 meter size.
There is also a readme file in the folder that explains a bit more. I’ll copy that in here for reference as well!




Both Maya and Unity share the same standard Unit Size.
1 Maya Unit = 1 Unity Unit
Import any Maya Models to Unity at a scale of 1

Maya grid should be set at default settings.

Keep in mind 1 Unity unit is = to 1 Meter
This applies to scale in Unity and physics in Unity.

So a standard 1 by 1 by 1 Cube in Maya also = to 1 Meter

In the Scene Provided is a roughly 4 ft tall Max Model, 4 1ft. cubes stacked to 4 ft high, a 1x1x1 Unity cube = to 1 Meter,
and a 1x1x1 Native Maya Cube = to 1 Meter.

Hope that Helps!


UPDATE: This only works if you are exporting your model as a Maya Binary!

FBX: If you are exporting from maya as an FBX, 1 Maya Unit = 1cm in Unity
Scale the models by 100 and you will be fine.

In this folder is also now a Level Reference .mb and .obj file with an updated to scale level.
Scale by 100 for fbx

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7 comments on “All Bout Scale!
  1. Smashleigh says:

    Awesome, thanks Claire!

  2. John says:


  3. Zev says:

    One maya unit is a centimeter. If this is all set up correctly anyway, I’m not going to question it, but I know for a fact that maya by default is set to centimeter as the working unit.

  4. John says:

    Blender (yes, that weird, NON-Maya software I choose to use because I’m weird like that) is the same way. One unit is equivalent to one meter in Unity.

  5. Cakes says:

    Your right! Interesting thing about importing and exporting stuff.

    So exporting a 1x1x1 meter block from unity maya gives a 1x1x1 cm block in maya. Yet! Exporting a 1x1x1 cm block from maya gives a 1x1x1 cm block in unity :p Scaled by 100 solves the problem easy. The interesting thing is that this only happens when exporting in FBX.

    Unity can import Maya Binary files. If you export your model as a maya binary, Unity will import a 1x1x1 cm block as a 1x1x1 meter block!

    Still… everything works in powers of 10 so its not that complex to scale things properly. 1|100 if fbx 1|1 if MB

  6. Zev says:

    So they finally fixed it huh? That was one of the great mysteries of importing into unity when last I checked. People were having a hell of a time trying to get the units to match up with the last version of unity. If the settings were changed so maya used meters by default that information was lost on import and you’d still end up with a 1cm block. Scaling by 100 was the simple solution, but a little too time consuming when importing a mass amount of object.
    As a side note we will have to stick to fbx for character and enemy types unless unity can read the animation data from the mb files.

  7. Cakes says:

    Yeah I don’t know about the past as I just jumped into Unity with this version. Though I read that you do not want to convert your maya settings to meters. Apparently that messes with peoples work flow in Maya. The two solutions currently are:

    Pretend your cm are meters in maya as you work and export a .mb

    Or just work in cm as usual and export a .fbx