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May/June Update on Sky Hawks

I wanted to enter the game into Intel’s Game Demo contest. In may, I spent some time cleaning up the Sky Hawks project. This was a good exercise in creating something that was in a state that could ship. While

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April Update on Sky Hawks

It has been a while since our last update. A lot of the gameplay works as intended. So I have decided to focus on the art. Since the fall, my team has decided to pursue other opportunities. What that means

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Sky Hawks Update for 3-15-13

This weekend I did a few updates to the Kongregate Build of Sky Hawks.  The game is still very much WIP. It’s been a busy weekend. I did do a bit of art for a boss that appears later in

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SkyHawks Update 3-5-2013

I’m trying something new. As a way to track my progress,  I am going to start tracking my progress via weekly posts on this blog. I’ve been working on  SkyHawks for a few years now. the game is progressing well.

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We’re working on a new game

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Unity Animation Events

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Project update and Todo List

There’s a big weekend coming up. Here’s a look at our outstanding tasks: Programming: Animation: Pajama Max replaces stand in player in prefab Animation: Lumpy animations set up in code Animation: Blinky Animation set up in code Animation: Chuckles Animations

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Animacion! (Animation)

Both Maxes (costumed and normal) are now in the Dropbox “Max Raw Art” folder. I’m gonna take a crack at replacing the ball character with the final Max. Exciting stuff! Happy to see this coming together.

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The FINAL CountDown!

Level Design: Claire: Add Fans to level Add Textured Bed model to level Animation   Zev: Finish Animating Costume Max – Completed   Zev: Finish Animating Chuckles GUI Art:   Ash: Finish End game story panel    - Completed Ash:

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List of Animations Needed for Max.

Running Death Jump Attack(kind of like a shot gun) Hit (for chris’ knockback script) Think the affect that happens in castlevania when simon belmont gets hit.

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