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April Update on Sky Hawks

It has been a while since our last update. A lot of the gameplay works as intended. So I have decided to focus on the art. Since the fall, my team has decided to pursue other opportunities. What that means

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SkyHawks Update 3-5-2013

I’m trying something new. As a way to track my progress,  I am going to start tracking my progress via weekly posts on this blog. I’ve been working on  SkyHawks for a few years now. the game is progressing well.

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Dragon Max Rig

I don’t know why I was making this so complicated, I was able to rig the costume up to Matt’s original rig and I added tail animation in there. So that’s in the Max Animated Folder with it’s textures. By

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Environment/level layout (roughing it)

Hey guys, before I start roughing out the quick painting of the environments, I laid out each segment of the level with the already modeled modular assets and matched them with the height and width of the previous stand-in blocks.

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Level 2 Layout

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Environment art update (fine-tuning saturation and details) 5/16/12

Here are the updated and fine tuned environment transition art. I lowered the saturation to while maintaining that painterly feel a la Chrystal Chronicles as much as I can. Environment art is not necessarily my forte, but this was an

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Sunday Update: 05/13/12 Blinky Rig WIP

Here’s the rig progress so far. I’m working on getting a good tail whip setup. I don’t want just a standard roll on the x and y, I want to get a nice snake like s-curve going with the rig

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Environment Art (update with more to come)

    First painted environment concept for Max’s bedroom. Zev if you’ve already painted the bed I’ll change it according to how you made it look. The lineart pic (which will be painted over soon) displays the transition from good

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Hand-Vac Texture

Here’s the textured hand vac. I wanted to do a combination of stickers and drawn on pieces to the vac. So there are some stickers, duct tape and marker drawings on the vacuum.

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Sunday Art Update (Environment Concept started for Max’s bedroom) 5/6/2012

beginning of environment sketches. To add visual interest I chose a wooden planks for the floor (carpet is optional). Considering he has a castle for a bed, I don’t see it too out of hand for him to have clouds

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