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May/June Update on Sky Hawks

I wanted to enter the game into Intel’s Game Demo contest. In may, I spent some time cleaning up the Sky Hawks project. This was a good exercise in creating something that was in a state that could ship. While

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SkyHawks Update 3-5-2013

I’m trying something new. As a way to track my progress,  I am going to start tracking my progress via weekly posts on this blog. I’ve been working on  SkyHawks for a few years now. the game is progressing well.

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We’re working on a new game

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Level 2 Layout

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New Web Player W/ Max Model

maxplayer411 Here is a .rar with a new Web Player to Try out.  The Max model looks cool.  He’s just a little stiff at the moment. The whole level has been resized to scale now.  Max is a little over

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All Bout Scale!

I’m currently working on an overhaul scaling to the level to match with Unity Design Standards! This should help tons with building and importing into unity. There is a folder in Drop Box that everyone should grab. It is Called

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Level 2 Mind Map

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There is a unity package sale going on right now guys. check it out!

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My Current Test Build

webplayer321 Control Programing Needs jump speed needs to be derived from players current run speed, not a set speed. player speed needs to ramp up after running for a specific period player speed should slow down gradually before being able

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More playtime with the Unity-stand in (Blinky stand-in)

John and I started to play around with the toon-shader, and some other effects we can apply to the models. These are all just stand-ins, mind you, so none is final, but it gives possible ideas of where we want

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