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New Web Player W/ Max Model

maxplayer411 Here is a .rar with a new Web Player to Try out.  The Max model looks cool.  He’s just a little stiff at the moment. The whole level has been resized to scale now.  Max is a little over

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All Bout Scale!

I’m currently working on an overhaul scaling to the level to match with Unity Design Standards! This should help tons with building and importing into unity. There is a folder in Drop Box that everyone should grab. It is Called

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There is a unity package sale going on right now guys. check it out!

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Free screen-sharing program!

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Dropbox alternative to give us more space-AAsync

Hey guys, I have been looking up alternatives for dropbox so we can use more than 2.5gig of space. I came across AAsynceand thought this could be of use, we just need to have an ftp server with any amount

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Milestone List One – Programming/Level Design

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Meeting Notes 2/15/2012

10:08 Costumes are swappable if not in combat. Different costumes are needed to get through a single level. 10:10 Level design will be linear.  There will be a boss set at the end of each level. Max will earn a

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Max’s Nightmare GDD

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Importing to unity

Just click on the icon below to watch a video on how to upload meshes and models to unity correctly.   [cvg-gallery galleryId='1' mode='showcase' limit='5' /]

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