Meeting Notes 2/15/2012

10:08 Costumes are swappable if not in combat.
Different costumes are needed to get through a single level.

10:10 Level design will be linear.  There will be a boss set at the
end of each level. Max will earn a new costume for defeating the

10:20 No Babies will be stolen! Ash will approve all concepts
before assigned to each artist.

10:22 Each creature concept needs to be assigned a category
of small, med, or large.  Concepts should have a few lines describing
methods of movement and attack.

10:23 This weeks assignment is to work on concepts for basic
room objects for tutorial stage 1.  There should be three different
enemy types per level.

10:24 Costumes drive what takes place in the level, being the look and feel
of the environments and creatures.  Costumes will precede the level.
Staley steels thunder.

10:27 Ash needs to finalize concepts. Environment and prop concepts needed. New concepts should be shared on the web site forums.  Side conversations amongst
team members should be summarized and shared with the group via the forums.

10:29 Max Is Ginger Neutral

10:32 Use the new Web Download Page to upload files, continue to discuss
more complex file structure next week.

10:44 Unity movement prototype is up and working. Max is excited!

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  1. Smashleigh says:

    I just love that this says “Meeting Notes by Cakes” lolz