Sky Hawks: Fighters in Time (Working Title) 

A top down shooter in the same vein as 19xx, Sky Hawks is a bit more casual than traditional bullet hell shooters.

We’re pleased to talk about our first commercial endeavor: Sky Hawks: Fighters in Time. The target platforms are: iOS, Android, and Web Portals. The game is a throwback to arcade classics of the past. It combines modern graphics with old school gameplay.

Like all of our games: The goal is to create a fun game that fits your busy lifestyle. As we build this game, we will feature several ‘behind the scenes’ looks at the game. The game will be shown in its ‘Work in Progress’ stage. This means that you get to watch the game evolve as it gets closer to completion.

Game Features:

  • Fight different enemies through several time periods
  • Fun arcade gameplay with modern graphics
  • Upgrade your ship with new weapons and devastating power ups


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