Sky Hawks


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Sky Hawks is a vertical shoot em up (SHMUP). Sky Hawks is best described as a ‘casual’ bullet hell shooter. The emphasis is the story, and level design.  Sky Hawks’ gameplay is designed to pay homage to arcade classics, while using modern 3d graphics. Sky Hawks is meant as a love letter to SHMUP classics from the 8-bit and arcade era.

Game Hook:

Power ups turn the player into a flying tank of death, every weapon, power up, and ship should make the player feel like a badass


In the near future, mercenaries resemble small nations. Iron Hand is one of the most powerful of these private military corporations. Despite their power, the Coalition of Nations has kept them at bay. The scientists of Iron Hand have perfected time travel. In order to complete their goal of world conquest, they will travel back in time and change the course of old wars. Doing this will make the world weaker, and able to be taken over. The Coalition of Nations can only send the experimental XJ-12 Fighter back in time. This is the world’s only hope. The player is all that stands between freedom, and chaos.


Unique points of differentiation:

  • 3D Levels! The perspective of the game is top down, but the art is 3d, creating a new school meets old school vibe

  • Time Traveling Story: The arcade mode features an engaging story, which is not usual for these types of game

  • Powerups! Access powerful bombs, rockets and other weapons, to destroy enemies faster

  • Fight gigantic bosses, and various air and ground enemies



Up Arrow or W –  Forward
Down Arrow or S – Backward
Right Arrow or A – Bank Left
Left Arrow or  D – Bank Right

B- Shoot Bombs
Space Bar –  Shoot Guns